Pisces Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF November 14 – 2 0, 2022

The future is looking bright on the career front starting this Wednesday, November 16, as auspicious Venus commences her annual tour of Sagittarius and your ambitious tenth house. Your network is indeed your net worth, and with people-oriented Venus here until December 9, your contact database becomes one of your most valuable assets. A few quick calls or emails might reveal a bevy of folks eager to work with you! True, this may entail some evening socializing, but if these are people you enjoy spending time with, it’ll hardly feel “obligatory.” And when communication planet Mercury sidles up next to Venus on Thursday (until December 6), the vibes may feel downright celebratory!

This Venus cycle can make you a lot more goal-oriented about romance, too. Single Fish who are serious about finding real-deal love shouldn’t rule out professional associates (provided they’re unattached—and also ready for a relationship). You’re a catch, Pisces, and you don’t want to diminish your value by accepting excuses or waiting around for someone to “work out their issues.” If that sounds familiar, then it’s time for an emotional sea change! Attached? Is the union progressing along a timeline that gives you the kind of security your heart craves? If you’re ready to take your commitment to the next level, don’t wait for an invitation. Initiate The Talk. Co-creating a bright future could turn out to be the hottest aphrodisiac imaginable!

On guard! You may get sucked into a domestic squabble—despite your best efforts to stay out of it. With aggro Mars trudging through your fourth house of home and family, emotions are running high, and things could get stirred up without anyone’s direct involvement. And then this Saturday, the red planet slams into an irritating square with thin-skinned Neptune in your sign, potentially scrambling signals past the point of decoding. This is their second of three such clashes (the first was on October 12, and the final comes on March 14, 2023), making it tricky to get to the real crux of the situation. While that’s not much solace, it can give you hope! So if you can’t extricate yourself from it, use your Spidey senses to determine whether someone is intentionally yanking your chain or is so befuddled that they don’t realize how “off” they’re being. Even if they’re in a legit crisis, remember: The best support is the kind that empowers a person, not enables them.


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Clarity—and a new wave of optimism—rushes in on Sunday as the luminous Sun and expansive Jupiter align in a cosmic collaboration that will lift your mood AND broaden your horizons. The best way to maximize these good vibes is by keeping a wide-open mind and heart. By raising your risk tolerance (at least a little), you could bust through a plateau, surmount perceived limitations and whet your own appetite for experiences you never even entertained in the past. Because this is your travel and adventure zone, some Pisces may hit the open road—or friendly skies—for pleasure or a business venture. Stretch out of your comfort zone and you might discover that a whole new world awaits you.

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