Sweet South Carolina Shelter Dog on the ‘Urgent’ List Absolutely Breaks Our Hearts


We pray someone adopts him before it’s too late.

There are many dogs who have yet to be adopted and are sitting in shelters hoping someone comes along to take them home. Because there are so many dogs in this situation, the outcome is not always positive for some of these dogs. One pup is currently in desperate need of a home and we are heartbroken for him.

The Darlington Humane Society recently shared a video on their TikTok, @darlingtonhumane, about one of their residents, a black Labrador named Remmy, who needs to find his forever home. The video says that Remmy is on the urgent list and his days are numbered, so they are trying to find someone to adopt him before it’s too late. Check out the video to help save this pup’s life!

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Oh my goodness, we hope someone adopts Remmy very soon! We can’t bear the thought of this pup not being saved. Every dog’s life is important and worth saving!

People in the comments are praying that Remmy finds the loving and caring home he deserves. @paulakerzon┬ásaid, “God please help Remmy find a loving home,” and @alofafouasao┬ácommented, “Please save Remmy and the rest of the fur babies.” There has to be someone who can help!

Others couldn’t believe this pup doesn’t have people interested in adopting him. @kukurock1┬ácommented, “Aww, he’s too beautiful and precious to not bless a family with his love.” Another user, @izbelle_7, said, “He needs a second chance. He deserves an amazing family and home. Look how cute and sweet he is!” Remmy would be the perfect addition to any family.

The thought of Remmy not being adopted in time breaks our hearts. We just know there is someone out there who can save Remmy!

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