Tax Refund: Who is eligible to receive a refund of up to $700 next month


South Carolina residents had until November 1 to upload their information and request a $700 tax rebate.

We passed the deadline. However, there is a hack that you can apply even if you miss the last day to present the data required.

The state of South Carolina illustrated that if you presented your 2021 state tax returns, you were eligible for the rebate. Nevertheless, several people didn’t get the $700 because they changed bank accounts or addresses.

Can I still get the payment?

Yes, you can. But you must be quick.

Log into the Department of Revenue website ( and update your information as soon as possible.

If there’s a problem with the website, download the SC8822I form, complete the information, and email it to

Who qualifies for South Carolina’s $700?

Taxpayers who filed their returns by October 17 and everyone with “an amount on line 10” of their 2021 individual tax returns are eligible to obtain up to $700.

“All taxpayers regardless of income can get this payment as long as they have a liability”; The Sun reported.

When would I receive my payment?

According to South Carolina’s information, every taxpayer who submits your information late might receive their tax rebate after December 31 to March 2023.

“If you missed the November 1 deadline, we still need your updated address, but your rebate may be delayed,” the site said.

If you submitted your tax returns via direct deposit, you will get your rebate straight into your bank account. The rest will obtain checks in their mailboxes.

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