TO THE MOON, ALLISON with cyberpunk author ANNA MOCIKAT


Anna Mocikat was born in Warsaw, Poland, but has spent most of her life in Munich, Germany, where she attended film school to become a screenwriter, and went on to work in the German film industry as a scriptwriter, producer, and director, where won several awards. A huge fan of video games, she went on to work as a game writer in the German video game business for a while before making her childhood dream come true by getting her first novel published. She has been a full-time novelist ever since.

In 2016, she moved to the United States, and is now in South Carolina. Her English novel debut, Shadow City, was published in 2019, and she has gone on to release two more series, Behind Blue Eyes and Cyber Squad.

When not spending time in the worlds inside her head and writing about them, she enjoys walking her dogs, playing video games on her Xbox, reading, movies, listening to Gothic and Industrial music, and everything relating to cyborgs…and may be one, herself.

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