Maximum Performance Theater in South Carolina || CMB Integrations Theater Tour


I got an opportunity to hear the $80,000 Meridian DSP8000SE! AND a lot of other high end gear during this theater tour. 💪🏾😁. The rear speakers are Meridian DSP7200.2 not DSP7000 as the video states, sorry about any confusion 😒.
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0:00 Intro
1:33 Cash Money Bros.
2:28 Theater Build
3:58 The Setup
4:08 Atmos Speakers
5:02 Trinnov Altitude
6:19 The Meridians and Trinnov
7:57 The 8000SE Sound and Setup
10:31 Shunyata Power!
11:11 DSP7000 Center
12:11 Seaton F18 Subwoofer
13:06 Room Bass!!
13:51 Sides and Rears
15:34 The Turntable
17:07 The Screen
17:35 Projector
18:19 Kaleidescape
24:23 The Rack and Remote
25:14 Whole Home Audio
26:15 Amplifiers
27:42 Movies
29:55 2 Channel Cont’d
30:57 Why DSP8000SE?
32:26 Spousal Acceptance?
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Surrounds: Klipsch RP-150M –
Atmos Speakers: Energy Take Classics 5.1 –
Subwoofer: Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5 – Review
Speaker Stands: Sanus Basic Series –
Speaker Wire: Monoprice Access Series 12 AWG CL2 Rated 2 Conductor –
AV Receiver: Denon AVR-X4400H –
External Amplifier: Monoprice Monolith 7 –
4K UHD BluRay Player Panasonic –
Television 77″ C1 OLED:
Television Stand: Z-Line Flat Panel 3 in 1 TV Mount System –
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