ROD WAVE | BEAUTIFUL MIND TOUR live at The Target Center, MN | 11/11/22 FULL SET


I got the opportunity to see Rod Wave live at the Target Center In Minneapolis Minnesota for his Beautiful Mind Tour.
Which was the first stop on the tour 11.11.22

I wanted to record the show for the ones who didn’t make it and who won’t be able to make it for the tour.

0:00-2:48 By Your Side
2:48-5:52 Alone
5:52-9:01 Never Get Over Me
9:01-12:15 No Deal
12:15-15:21 Sweet Little Lies
15:21-18:28 Married Next Year
18:28-20:03 Rockstar Heart
20:03-23:29 Forever
23:29-25:13 Yungen
25:13-30:43 BREAK
30:43-32:43 Dark Clouds
32:43-34:31 Cuban Links
34:31-35:24 Brace Face
35:24-37:58 Heart On Ice
37:58-40:16 Poison
40:16-44:24 Abandoned
44:24-46:30 Dark Conversations
46:30-48:57 Girl of My Dreams
48:57-51:25 Letter From Huston
51:25-53:19 Shooting Star
53:19-55:17 Whats Wrong
55:17-59:22 2019
59:22-1:01:48 Take The Blame
1:01:48-1:04:00 Tombstone
1:04:00-1:07:15 Street Runner
1:07:15-1:09:00 Green Light
1:09:00-1:11:05 Rags2Riches

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Also, if you missed out on the Soul Fly tour you can click this link to watch it as well.


I don’t own any rights to the music!
Thumbnail photo: taken by Eva Nelson


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