SHOCKING Video Shows Georgia Deputies Brutally Beating Black Inmate | Roland Martin


In Georgia, a black man arrested for traffic violations and drug possession charges on September 3rd was beaten and thrown against a wall by Camden County deputies.

The security video we are about to show you has no audio, so I will walk you through what happened.

I will warn you what we are about to show may be triggering. I am giving you an opportunity to leave the room or look away.

A guard is standing outside the cell where 41-year-old Jarrett Hobbs is being held.

Here you see four other guards come. One unlocks the door, and they enter the cells.

As soon as the deputies enter the cell, one deputy immediately goes for Hobbs’ neck.

The other deputies follow, attempting to subdue Hobbs. Now there are four deputies on Hobbs, punching him. They eventually pull him out of the cell, slamming him against the wall while still beating him.

On Monday, Roland spoke with Civil Rights Attorney Harry Daniels about the Hobbs case.

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