South Carolina is home to ITIC: International Transportation Innovation Center


Long before a vehicle goes to market, thousands of interconnected technologies must pass a battery of tests to prove their safety and efficacy. The International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) provides a secure and collaborative environment for automotive testing and validation.

Jody Bryson, executive director, and Liz Griffith, operations director, manage the independent, non-profit proving ground built to test and validate mobility innovations. Jody is also the president and CEO at the South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center.

ITIC is headquartered in Greenville with the mission to develop a global network of open and closed testbeds to develop and validate technologies that support connected, automated and zero-emission driving. They offer automotive OEM’s, suppliers, information and communication service providers, utilities, research organizations and startups a variety of services that help to build an ecosystem of on-demand mobility services for multi-modal transportation systems to master the strategic challenges that come with more connectivity, more automation and more electrification.

As the automotive industry continues to make the southeastern U.S. its new home for mobility innovation, ITIC is committed to fulfilling its important role within the global automotive ecosystem. Ultimately, our unique testing services are designed to do the following:

Attract nationally renowned companies and researchers;
Attract knowledge-based economy jobs;
Accelerate economic and community development in South Carolina; and
Enhance educational and scientific initiatives in South Carolina and beyond.


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