Tell-Me-A-Story Theatre: The Breaking News


SCCT Principal Teaching Artist Traysie Amick shares a poignant message from children’s book author Sarah Lynne Reul. In her book The Breaking News, Reul acknowledges the anxious feelings we all have about things that go on in the world around us, and how with a little determination, we CAN make a difference.

Here is a message from Miss Traysie:

“This video is a little different than our other Tell-Me-A-Story videos. It is softer and more thoughtful. It comments on the current times we face world-wide. Each of our previous videos were an attempt to continue to bring stories we admire to our youngest audience in the face of a quarantine due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

South Carolina Children’s Theatre is not in the business of making videos. We are in the business of connecting to young people and their families through stories that inspire and entertain. Although our preferred method is in-person, this crisis has pushed everyone across the globe to embrace new skills and quickly adapt. We hope to meet this challenge with as much passion as we invest into our live performances.

In choosing this last story, SCCT’s Co-Artistic and Education Director Betsy Bisson assured me this was the one to finish this series. It has been on my shelf just waiting for an opportunity to reach out to young people and assure them that although EVERYONE is worried, EVERYONE can contribute to a solution. So, unlike our other stories, I chose not to recreate the book exactly. Instead, we take the incredibly well-designed story Sarah Lynn Reul created and place it directly into this crisis as we face it today. Hopefully we, as a society, will emerge from this with a better understanding of the small things we can do to make things better.”


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