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0 is Charleston and the surrounding area’s premiere resource for website and media design and development and systems integration.

Here at CMS we would love to have each and every business hire us to build them one of our award-winning custom websites, develop media assets, and handle their digital marketing campaigns. That would be great! However in addition to being a company inspired by the endless possibilities presented by creativity and technology solution development, we are also very much a company founded on the principles of shared ideation and a desire to involve and empower those we meet.

At Crown we understand that not everybody has the resources to hire professional designers, programmers and social-media experts, that’s why we are happy to announce our new program and suite of design and development tools that will give users the ability to create their own real-life solutions for designing and managing a broad spectrum of digital applications.

REAL-Life by Crown Media Studio stands for Respect, Education, Affirmation, and Love. It is a community focused free-to-use suite of tools, resources and information that will allow individuals and organizations to have access to the same tools that CMS uses for it’s professional design and development projects.

With a strong focus on business-to-business networking and community goals,
REAL-Life by CMS is the next step towards the personal empowerment of small business owners through shared ideation and technologies. Web Design | Social Media Management | Video & Animation Production | Charleston, SC

We are Charleston South Carolina’s leading media design and brand management firm. We offer our clients a robust suite of creative services and the industry’s best options for publishing content on social media and the web. We are a team of super bright, super friendly design and marketing professionals that will help bring your ideas to life, develop your brand identity and celebrity, offer you insights into how to reach more customers, and provide you with the knowledge you need to increase sales and grow your business. We offer complete social media and web based marketing solutions from logo design, photography & video services, article writing, email newsletters, and SEO to full management services so that you can focus on running your business while allowing Crown Media Studio to optimize your brand strategy and marketing campaigns.


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