Virgo Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF November 14 – 2 0, 2022

Hygge season returns to Chez Virgo this Wednesday, November 16, as snuggle bunny Venus settles into Sagittarius and your fourth house of cozy domesticity until December 9. And the very next day, your cosmic custodian, expressive Mercury, plunks down on the sofa next to Venus (until December 6). This can only mean one thing: It’s time to pull that chenille throw out of the closet and get your fuzzy slippers ready for action (or, inaction?). You won’t feel the need to apologize for devouring documentaries, new (to you) series and all the rom coms your emo heart can handle. In between binge sessions, you can test out some comfort-food recipes that feature fall’s amazing bounty. (Who knew there were so many kinds of winter squashes?!) Since Venus rules romance, you probably won’t be Netflix-and-chilling on your own. Imagine the kind of likeminded homebody you want to attract and then put your request in to the love planet.

In a relationship? This home-based cycle may inspire one of you to broach the subject of “next steps,” whether you’re thinking of making it exclusive or renovating your digs to blend both of your tastes. Single? Get proactive on neighborhood apps and dating sites and by reconnecting with platonic pals who just might be datable. Be quick to meet for coffee dates to keep pressure to a minimum. But show up with an open mind, because not everyone makes a memorable first impression.

If possible, make sure your only Saturday plans involve chilling out and going where the spirit moves you—or doesn’t. It’s important to let yourself unwind and recover from a busy week, especially with hazy Neptune in your relationship sector making its second of three disruptive squares to Mars in your goal-focused tenth house. (The first was on October 12, and the final comes on March 14, 2023.) Of course you have a world-class work ethic, but when other people’s objectives don’t align with yours, override your innate tendency to shapeshift. Supporting others is what you do, and it’s noble, but if you have to compromise an important plan or your commitment to self-care, it’s probably not a good idea.


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Your network is your greatest asset, and you’ll be served an important reminder of that Sunday, when optimistic Jupiter air-kisses the luminous Sun in the most social zones of your chart. As an earth sign, you can be a creature of habit, both at work and in your personal life. And while that saves time and increases your productivity, it doesn’t do much to widen your horizons. Lean into the expansive Sun-Jupiter energy and stretch a bit out of your social comfort zone. Sure, it can feel awkward to be the stranger in the room—at first—but you’re also the intriguing “fresh meat” that others may be super-eager to get a taste of. And if no one approaches you, spot the friendliest-looking faces in the crowd and think of one sincere compliment you can pay them—or intriguing question to ask. Before you know it, you’ll be in like Flynn.

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