William Stuart Michelson Biography


This video is about William Stuart Michelson Biography in English. William Stuart Michelson (born 1987) is an American engineer and member of the research faculty at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Michelson is known as a subject matter expert in Human Systems Engineering. He leads Human Factors and Ergonomics and Human Systems Integration (HSI) efforts for DoD customers specializing in tactical display design spanning command and control, training, unmanned vehicle ground control stations
, Manned-unmanned teaming, and mission planning. He has expertise in digital human modeling/ergonomic/anthropometric analyses to assess cockpit accommodation and experience with wearable soldier systems and tactical equipment design.
Since 2000, Michelson has organized the American venue and annual Symposium on Dynamic Flight Behavior for Aerial Robotics for the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC). The IARC, which seeks to advance the state of the art in fully autonomous aerial robotics, was created by his father, Robert C. Michelson, in 1991 and has two venues: the American Venue and the Asia/Pacific Venue.
Michelson is a Lifetime Charter member of Trail Life USA, and currently serves as the Chairman of the National Board of Director’s for the organization. He was involved in the launch of the Trail Life USA program in September 2013. Before joining the Board of Directors and later serving as its Vice Chairman, Michelson served as the State Leadership Chairman for Georgia, and as the coordinator for the Atlanta venue of the Trail Leader Training Conference to prepare leaders for Trail Life USA’s launch. He also pioneered a new adult training model and oversaw its deployment as the chairman of Trail Life USA’s inaugural adult leader training event at Camp Aiken in South Carolina. As a certified firearm’s instructor, he led a diverse national team of volunteers to develop the Trail Life USA shooting sports program. As a youth, Michelson came out of the Boy Scouts of America after earning his Eagle Scout rank with 6 Palms and being bestowed the Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow. As an adult, and prior to leaving the Boy Scouts of America, Michelson provided a monthly training program for adult volunteers and wrote custom training programs for youth that were adopted nationwide. He led several international Scouting initiatives, as well as organizing and planning Scouting events attended by thousands on a national scale. Other past volunteer roles within the organization included Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, District Member at Large, Commissioner, and National Order of the Arrow staff.
From 2013 to 2014, Michelson served at an advisory capacity to the board of Reformation Hope in matters dealing with youth programs. He led efforts to foster new opportunities to help youth programs flourish in the country of Haiti and to meet orphaned children’s needs, including an exchange program and a clothing acquisition fund. His most recent visit to the country was in 2016. In 2020, Michelson became a volunteer with the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (ECAP), working on projects aimed at protecting children and other vulnerable populations from abuse.


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