Mosquito Beach, James Island (Charleston area), South Carolina


While most beaches conjure images of sands and ocean, Mosquito Beach in the Sol Legare community of James Island is composed of pluff mud and a tidal creek. The strip of road facing the creek is lined with an abandoned building or two and a few businesses still up-and-running. The rural island road became a popular waterfront hangout for African-Americans in the early 1950s during segregation.

While white James Islanders were relaxing at the local beaches such as nearby Folly Beach, their black neighbors were forbidden to enjoy the same amenities and had to travel to black beaches such as Riverside Beach at Remley’s Point – all the way in Mount Pleasant. As an answer to the lack of local waterside venue for black residents, the owners of the Creek side property. Which today remains in the same family, opened a pavilion in 1953. The area then affectionately became known as Mosquito Beach for the insects that populated the area.


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