Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time


Plenty of celebrities who have gotten in trouble with the law over the years have been able to pay their debt to society with some mere community service or a fine, but a few haven’t gotten off so easy.

These celebrities committed serious crimes that put them in prison for a long time and brought their careers to a screeching halt. From the future stars who got in legal trouble when their careers were just getting started, to the ones who lost their A-list status when their dark side was revealed, let’s take a look at some celebrities who have done jail time.

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Wesley Snipes | 0:00
Tim Allen | 1:24
Don King | 2:24
Richard Hatch | 3:27
O.J. Simpson | 4:26
Da Brat | 5:31
Mike Tyson | 6:32
Phil Spector | 7:22
James Brown | 8:36
Danny Trejo | 9:32
Joe Giudice | 10:16
Lil Kim | 11:54

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