10 Unbelievable Skydiving Spots In The U.S.


Conquering the fear of heights is best done with skydiving.

Skydiving over Deland, Florida

When sky-high moments are the cravings, tourists should wear safety gear, ride a plane, hit the play button on their action camera, and confirm to the guide that they’re ready for the leap and that it’s time to skydive. There’s nothing more exhilarating than feeling the wind in the face, with the cheeks enjoying the plunge and the scream drowned by the drag.

Things will mellow down when the parachute is activated, with the tourist enjoying the view from up above, like a soaring falcon targeting its prey. As the skydivers slowly descend and touch the ground, the adventurer will long for more. Luckily, there are many skydiving spots in the United States they can visit per month.

10 Palmer, Alaska

Alaska, being the Last Frontier, is home to many natural wonders, making it an outdoorsman’s perfect playground. From the majestic mountains to its pristine lakes, there’s something for everyone in this alpine destination. One way to experience its charm is by skydiving, and the city of Palmer is a spot for that. First-timers and bucket-list jumpers are welcome to have a thrilling experience, as well as those who want to get licensed. The amazing views of the Alaskan Range and Knik Glacier await adventurers.

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9 Deland, Florida

The city of Deland is one of the best skydiving spots in the world, and it has been offering thrilling jumps since 1982. The drop zone in the Florida destination is so world-renowned it has been the site of world-record jumps, like the eight octogenarians who took their retirement to the next level. If the seniors can do it, more so younger ones who are just starting to try things they think they can’t accomplish. When they are ready to do so, Deland and its professional skydiving teams are ready to take thrill-seekers to a jump of a lifetime.

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8 Snohomish, Washington

Snohomish is home for daredevils who want to play with the wind, all the while taking in the sights of Washington. Thanks to skydiving, they can do just that, with the adrenaline rush overflowing at that. The Snohomish River Valley awaits first-timers or expert jumpers who want to experience the fun of freefalling in Washington. Whatever the season, tourists are welcome to ride the plane that will take them to where adventure is not just a word but a lifestyle.

7 Eloy, Arizona

The city Eloy is a staple name in the world of skydiving because it has the planet’s largest dropzone. With such a branding, those wanting to play with the altitude in this Arizona destination are assured of superb services and unmatched moments. Sure, wherever tourists skydive, they’ll be afforded once-in-a-lifetime memories, but in the Grand Canyon State, world-class instructors will guide them, with the scenic landscape displaying its grand show. From tandem jumps to group experiences, skydiving in Eloy is always enjoyable.

6 Perris, California

Skydiving in Perris means experiencing world-class thrills, especially since the city hosted some world-record jumps, like the largest formation of female sky jumpers (181). A regular tandem skydive for first-timers and bucket-list jumpers means jumping from 3,810 meters, freefalling for nearly a minute – or 120 miles per hour. The descent lasts five to 10 minutes, enough time to appreciate the stunning views of the cityscape. After landing, tourists are sure to miss the ecstasy, so they are welcome to try again.

5 Hurricane, Utah

Those exploring Zion National Park who suddenly want a bird’s eye view of this stunning canyon should head to Hurricane. This city has skydiving opportunities for tourists who want to take in the sights of the mesmerizing Utah park, all the while going down 120 mph thousands of feet above the ground. While rolling and turning mid-air, adventurers will have an exhilarating moment. After they pull the parachute’s ripcord, they’ll suddenly feel that fulfillment while appreciating a grand display of the canyon’s magnificence.

4 Longmont, Colorado

For a colorful Colorado escapade, Longmont is the place to be. This humble municipality offers sky-high moments for those who want to take their adventures to the next level. Flying to over 5,400 meters above sea level, the drop in this town is one of the longest in the country. It’s the perfect introduction for first-timers, while the experienced ones can have more time practicing their turns and rolls. How can something be thrilling and serene? Only a skydiving moment and parachuting can deliver that, plus Longmont’s wonderful scenery.

3 Molalla, Oregon

Oregon aims to wow, and one of the best ways to do it is when tourists start or end their exploration with a freefall. From a privately owned airport in the city of Molalla, adventurers will board a plane that will take them over 4,400 meters in the air. While seated inside the plane, passengers will get excited about that leap, and it’s fine to shed tears of joy even before the plunge. Once they are flying with their instructor (for first-timers), they are sure to scream their lungs out, and when the parachute is activated, they’ll feel calm, knowing they experienced a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Or not really, since they can repeat it.

2 Chester, South Carolina

Nothing goes south in South Carolina, especially when tourists experience the thrill of skydiving. From the small city of Chester, a plane will take tourists over 4,200 meters up the skies – their wide playground. Jumping from the plane, they will freefall for around 55 seconds at 120 mph – and it feels faster when their cheeks flail. The flight under the canopy will take around five minutes, and jumpers will wish for more time as they see the breathtaking beauty of the town. Pure bliss, indeed.

1 Waialua, Hawaii

Dubbed the “world’s most beautiful dropzone,” those skydiving over Waialua will be bothered by the question, “Why not try this a long time ago?” That doesn’t matter because once they’re plunging from over 3,600 meters to 6,000 meters, no questions matter as they’ll be busy screaming – no regrets, no worries. The freefall will last from 20 seconds to a minute at 120 mph over the ever-beautiful Oahu. While parachuting and the larynx relaxed, adventurers can shed tears of joy while appreciating the mesmerizing Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and Ka’ena Point. Hawaii is a paradise, indeed.

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