Florida ranked second most travel obsessed state in the US


New research reveals that Florida is one of the most travel-obsessed states in America.

The research, conducted by vacation experts Family Destinations Guide, analyzed Google Trends data of the last 12 months for search terms frequently used by travel enthusiasts and often associated with traveling. These search terms were then combined to give each state a total travel score to discover America’s most and least travel-obsessed states.

The study revealed that South Carolina ranks as the most travel-obsessed state in America. With a total travel score of 582 out of a possible 800, South Carolina ranks highly across every keyword analyzed in the study. For instance, South Carolina is the state most interested in travel agencies, having the highest number of searches for the term ‘travel agent’ in the country, and is the state searching for the phrase ‘beach vacation’ the second-most in the country.

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Florida ranks as the second most travel-obsessed state in the country. With a total travel score of 561, Florida is mainly interested in budget-friendly holidays. For example, the Sunshine State has the second-highest level of searches for the term ‘cheap flights’ and the third-highest level of searches for ‘cheap hotels’ in the country.

Delaware ranks third. The study revealed that Delaware has the highest level of searches for both the key terms ‘cheap hotels’ and ‘travel insurance’ in the country, giving Delaware a total travel score of 557.

The study placed Mississippi next in the ranking, placing fourth overall with a total travel score of 554, followed by Nevada, which ranked fifth with a score of 538.

The top ten most travel-obsessed states are rounded out by Georgia ranking in sixth place, Wyoming in seventh, followed by Louisiana, New York, and Hawaii in eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively.


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