Minnetonka Public Schools Board Meeting January 12, 2023


I. Call to Order
II. Pledge to the Flag
III. Adoption of the Agenda
IV. Election of School Board Officers for 2023
A. Chair
B. Vice-Chair
C. Treasurer
D. Clerk
E. Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer
V. School Report: MME
VI. Community Comments
Community Comments is an opportunity for the public to address the
School Board on an item included in this agenda in accordance with the
guidelines printed at the end of this agenda.
VII. Organization of the School Board
A. Fixing the Time, Day and Place of Each Regular Board Meeting
B. Fixing the Time, Day and Place of Board Study Sessions
C. Setting of Salaries: Chairperson; Vice Chairperson; Treasurer; Clerk
and Board Directors
D. Resolution Designating Depositories
E. Resolution Appointing School Attorneys
F. Designation of Official Newspaper
G. Designation of Official Radio Station for Emergency Announcements
H. Appointment of Auditor
I. Setting of Superintendent’s Evaluation Dates
J. Setting of Mileage Allowance for Business Purposes
K. Determination of Board Committee Assignments
VIII. Approval of School Board Goals
IX. Adoption of Policy #613: Graduation Requirements
X. Approval of Aviation Courses
XI. Approval of FY23 Amended Budget
XII. Approval of Sale of 2023A COP Bonds
XIII. Approval of Bids for Excelsior Classroom Modifications
a. Minutes of December 1, 2022, Regular Meeting
b. Study Session Summary of December 15, 2022
c. Payment of Bills
d. Recommended Personnel Items
e. Gifts and Donations
f. Electronic Fund Transfers
g. Approval of Enrollment Limits
h. Approval of New Course Title Change
XV. Board Reports
XVI. Superintendent’s Report
XVII. Announcements
XVIII. Adjournment


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