Avionics Technician Salary. Training & Pay For Avionics Engineers


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Avionics Technician Salary. Training & Pay For Avionics Engineers

In this video I talk about the salaries and training for Avionics Technicians.

I’ll describe the salary range you can expect in various countries around the globe.

Then I conclude with a few tips on how to get started on your training in the UK, India, and the USA.

Avionics Technicians are essential to the aviation and aerospace industries.

They specialise in the installation, maintenance, and repair of the electronic components that make us so much of modern aircraft.

You may see any one of these terms used to describe the same role; Aircraft Electrical Systems Specialist, Avionics Electronics Technician, Aviation Electrical Technician, Avionics Electrical Technician, Aircraft Navigation/Communications Systems Technician, Avionics Bench Technician, Aircraft Bench Technician.

Avionics Technicians are responsible for installing the wiring, instrumentation, and software throughout the aircraft.

This could include anything from flight instruments to passenger entertainment systems.

Avionics Technicians remove malfunctioning instruments and install new ones in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

The instruments in need of repair will be sent to the Aircraft Bench Technicians who will examine and troubleshoot the device.

They will then test those repairs to ensure the instruments are functioning correctly before they are used again on operational aircraft.

The work of Avionics Technicians has a direct effect on the safety of aircraft, the crew, and the passengers, so it is a responsible position that requires skilled personnel.

As with most careers, pay and benefits are commensurate with experience and responsibilities.

The following figures are annual averages collected late in 2018.

They are base salaries so they don’t include any bonuses, overtime, or profit shares that may be offered.

This is an important point to remember because such extras can make a significant difference to your take-home pay.

Australia, AU$55,000 rising to AU$96,000 Australian Dollars.

Canada, C$43,000 rising to C$80,000 Canadian Dollars.

Dubai, AED 58,000 rising to AED 473,000 Arab Emirate Dirhams.

India, Rs 256,000 rising to Rs 2,000,000 Rupees.

Philippines, PHP 180,000 rising to PHP 707,000 Philippine Pesos.

South Africa, R63,000 rising to R408,000 Rand.

United Kingdom, £23,000 rising to £37,000 Pounds Sterling.

United States, $25,000 rising to $72,000 US Dollars.

How to become an Avionics Technician.

Continued in the video….


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