South Carolina Central 1603 GP16 Passes Through The PeDe Region On July 16, 2010 (Shot On iPhone 4)


SCRF 1603 GP16 With A Few Boxcars Heads North Towards Conway, SC On July 16th, 2010 (Shot On iPhone 4) There Was A Little Bit Of Shakiness Due To My 4 year Old Self With My Tiny Arms. So My Father Took The Camera To Film The Second Part Of The SCRF 1603 Passing By In A Rural Area. No towns in sight. Just highways and woods and fields lol.

SCRF 1603 GP16 Was Built In 1967 To Serve The Local Railroad In The Midlands and The Pee Dee Region Or The Northeast Region Of South Carolina. It has competed With SCL in The 1970’s for dominance in the upstate of South Carolina but SCL was more popular and SCRF. It was a adventure to see the SCRF Railroad In Existence Even Though It Was Abandoned In The Early 2000’s. Also the Line To Conway was abandoned for a few years due to some maintenance or poor rail construction and it opened back up in 2019. But SCRF no longer serves the Pee Dee Region Anymore


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