The 700 Club – January 16, 2023


0:00 – Introduction
00:04 – News
07:06 – Financial Story_1
13:32 – Financial Story_2
23:16 – Financial Story_3
31:45 – Humanitarian Story_1
34:12 – Humanitarian Story_2
39:32 – Financial Story_4
44:43 – Humanitarian Story_3
48:22 – Humanitarian Story_4
52:22 – Humanitarian Story_5
54:36 – Humanitarian Story_6

Jamar Sheffey was an entrepreneurial chef with a new catering business. When the pandemic hit, he and his wife, Katy, found their lives turned upside down. With loss of business and mounting debt, the family ended up using food stamps, putting off critical home repairs, and even lost $10,000 in canceled contracts. See how one decision brought this family a breakthrough to God’s peace and prosperity!

Plus, Shunduo was born with a cleft lip, which affected his eating and overall health. His parents kept him inside, afraid that people would make fun of him. Surgery was the answer they needed, but it was too expensive. Then, Shunduo received love and support from caring partners like you!

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