FORTNITE DANCES IN REAL LIFE 100% SYNC (Hit It, Get Griddy, Rollie, Blinding Lights, Say So) ❤️


Which dance is your favourite?


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Dances/Emotes i used:
Breakin’, Disco Fever, the Electro Shuffle, Freestylin’, Fresh, Groove Jam, Pop Lock, Reanimated, Rock Out, Rocket Rodeo, Squat Kick, Star Power, The Robot, Baller, Best Mates, Boneless, Chicken, Confused, Dab, Eagle, Flapper, Flippin’ Sexy, Floss, Hootenanny, Hype, Kick Ups, Laugh It Up, Make it Rain, Orange Justice , Popcorn, Pure Salt, Rambunctious, Rawr, Ride the Pony, Step it Up, Take the L, The Worm, Tidy, Wiggle, Zany, Breaking Point, Brush Your Shoulders, Click!, Dip, Face Palm, Finger Guns, Jubilation, Respect, Rock Paper Scissors, Salute, Slow Clap, Snap, Take 14, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, True Love, Waterworks, Wave, Boogiedown, Flamenco, Running Man, True HEart, Star Power, Hula, vivacious, Smooth Moves, Drop the Bass, T-Form, Twerk, Showstopper, Crackdown, scenario, conga, hoop master, breezy, overdrive, go cat go, the renegade, renegade, planetary vibes, out west, freewheelin, daydream, hula, verve, toosie slide, party hips, revel, say so, rollie, blinding lights, last forever, poki, im diamond, its dynamite, go mufasa, jabba switchway


Skins i have. Too much to count them all. Females:
Blaze, Deadpool, Arachne, Ark, Black Knight, Calamity, Blackheart, Carbide, Catalyst, Chomp Sr., Crackshot, Criterion, Dark Vanguard, Dark Voyager, Deadfire, Dire, Drift, Enforcer, Eternal Knight, Fade, Fate, Firebrand, Flytrap, Fusion, Galaxy Scout, Maya, Glimmer, Glow, Havoc, Hybrid, Inferno, John Wick, Crampus, Leviathan, Love Ranger, Luxe, Lynx, Magnus, Malice, Midas, Moisty Merman, Musha, Oblivion, Omega, Omen, Power Chord, Ragnarok, Ravage, Raven, Red Knight, Rex, Rose Team Leader, Rox, Ruin, Sentinel, Singularity, Spieder Knight, Ice King, The Ice Queen, The Prisoner, The Reaper, The Visitor, Triceraops, Ultima Knight, Valkyrie, Valor, Velocity, Vendetta, Vertex, Warpaint, Wild Card, Wukong, Zenith, Dark Bomber, Dark Power Chord, Dark Red Knight, Dark Wild Card, Darkheart, Aquaman, Black Manta, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Frozen Fishstick, Frozen Nog Ops, The Devourer, Astro Jack, Loserfruit, Marshmello, Travis Scott, Molten Omen, Black Widow, Cable, Captain America, Cuddle Pool, Doctor Doom, Domino, Groot, Jennifer Walters, Mystique, Psylocke, Ravenpool, Star-Lord Outfit, Storm, Thor, Tony Stark, Perfect Shadow, Shadow Ark, Shadow Skully, Shadowbird, Slurpentine, Zorii Bliss, 8-Ball vs Scratch, Abstract, Aerobic Assassin, Agent Peely, Alpine Ace, Antheia, Archetype, Astra, Astro Assassin, Bandolier, Battle Hawk, Beefboss, Blacklight, Blitz, Brite Gunner, Brutus, Bunker Jonesy, Bunny Brawler, Bunnywolf, Burnout, Cameo vs Chic, Catrina, Chaos Double Agent, Clutch, Cobalt, Corrupted Voyager, Crackabella, Daring Duelist, Demi, Derby Dynamo, DJ Yonder, Double Agent Hush, Double Agent Wildcard, , Dusk, Elite Agent, Elmira, Ember, Fable, Fireworks Team Leader, Freestyle, Ghoul Trooper, Ginger Gunner, Heidi, Ikonik, Jules, Kit, Lace, Lovethorn, Mariana, Nightlife, Nitebeam, Ocean, Onesie, Party MVP, Peekabo, Powder, Rapscallion, Rebel, Redline, Rook, Scourge, Shade, Sidewinder, Siona, Skye, Sofia, Sparkle Specialist, Sparkle Supreme, Starfish, Starflare, Stoneheart, Summer Fable, Sun Strider, Takara, Teknique, The Ace, Tilted Teknique, Tntina, Trailblazer, Tropical Punch Zoey, Vega, Ventura, Versa, Vix, Whiteout, Wilde, Willow, Wonder, Yee-Haw, Zoey, Arctica, Athleisure Assassin, Bachii, Beach Bomber, Biz, Brawler, Brite Bomber, Bubble Bomber, Buccaneer, Callisto, Catastrophe, Chance, Cozy Chomps, Dream, Fastball, Focus, Froted Flury, Goldie, Haze, Iris, Jawbreaker, Journey vs Hazard, Kyra, Laguna, Limelight, Maki Master, Maven, Moxie, Penny, PJ Pepperoni, Rally Raider, Red-Nosed Raider, Remedy vs Toxin, Riley, Rio Grande, Ruby, Rustler, Safari, Scarlet Serpent, Siren, Skull Ranger, Skully, Snorkel Ops, Sparkplug, Splatterella, Starlie, Sunbird, Surf Rider, Surf Witch, Tigeress, The Autumn Queen, Triple Threat, Tsuki, Twistie, Volley Girl, Waypoint, Yellowjacket, Aura, Brute Gunner, Birdie, Bolt, Boxy Bracer, Bullseye, Bunnymoon, Clash, Cozy Commander, Crusher, Crystal, Envoy, Jolly Jammer, Nog Ops, Par Patroller, Pastel, Red Jade, Scarlet Defender, Scorpion, Sgt Green Clover, Shimmer Specialist, Stella, Tinseltoes, Toy Trooper, Whiplash, Whistle Warrior, World Warrior, Poison Ivy, Joker, Lachlan, Chun Li, Britestorm Bomber, Isabelle, Spire Assassin, Alli




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