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Dear You,
Hey! Thank you soooo much for coming through to peep out what’s all’s doing’s here on my exclusive channel, where I unravel (in an inspired way) my life this far, who God’s allowed me to befriend, meet, encourage, work with musically, be affected by spiritually, it’s gonna reference achievements, traps, misgivings, thoughts and ideas that, all un-bottled, give you me.
Short list of achievements/accolades:
*natefrmbklyn is a former recording artist (was signed to 6th Bro Entertainment/Untouchables/MOTOWN in 2002; but the band was released from our production deal due to label disputes).
*A choir member (served faithfully as a loud tenor in: Danny Eason & Abundant Life Youth Crusade Choir, The late Professor Julius Goodman & his New Millennium Voices of L.I.U., The Love Fellowship Tabernacle Choir under the leadership of Grammy and Stellar-Award-winning Bishop Hezekiah X. Walker Jr. of Brooklyn, NY.)
*A former group member in: “SOULJAH”—( An r&b 4-man group envisioned and produced exclusively by Andreao “Fanatic” Heard; included myself (Nathan Thomas), Xavier “Zake” Harris, The late Japhe Tajeda and the lead vocalist was my mans Tavarius Polk (a writer/producer and former collaborator with The late A A L I Y A H on her second smash album (post dissolving a relationship with R. Kelly as a producer), was in a college gospel band called “Divine Music”, a community gospel band “Bernard Brown & BARAK”, and “BLESSED”).
* a former Cub Scout/Boy Scout in Troop 90 at First Baptist (my Daddy; who was not a church goer, came every Saturday to help and watch out for us on trips, he and the late Mr. Gooden were our Pack Leaders).
*As a Professional singer Flying as far as: Eastern and Western Germany (with The late Craig Wiggins & “The New York Gospel Stars”), Canada, St. Louis, MO, Cincinnati, OH, Los Angeles, California and as far as Tokyo, Japan. In a Godly addition, natefrmbklyn is both a journalist (B.A. in Humanities/English Language) and a budding writer/reviewer; former contributor/photographer for my high school and college newspapers and yearbooks respectively, he also had published music reviews in the popular hip-hop publication (“XXL MAGAZINE”), had a brief and successful stint with the dramatic-black theatre as a student at PAINE COLLEGE (in Augusta, Georgia), w/considerable coaching from The late Evelyn Etheridge (head of the Drama Dept. and a wonderful woman God challenged with a wheelchair; but oodles of wisdom and stage know-how) I became “Will Parrish” from the well lauded fiction written by The late Pearl Cleage (a favorite of Oprah Winfrey, btw). 8-person cast, (3) nights did well enough on campus for us to travel over to South Carolina to re-create the production on the stage! (Before IG and FB, unfortunately no pics, but the fondest memories).
*natefrmbklyn graduated from Paine College in 2004 (quit twice, once to switch schools; but Long Island University was expensive and classes of 100 made me feel like a paper clip, the 2nd time was to work full-time as an employee at Bad Boy Entertainment in the capacity of “Asst. to the V.P. of Operations”). natefrmbklyn “walked” at the Bell Auditorium in Augusta ; with a B.A. in Liberal Arts/Humanities! (Yaaaay!, P.Ceeeee!)/Post-Grad? Worked as a school aide for the Bronx Board of Education (M.S 158- Theodore Gathings Middle School) for 2 years; learned alot about what it takes to reach and teach in the hood, had a knife pulled on me, would think nothing of casing the corner store for “ditchers” and yanking them back in-school, got accused of being to harsh and choking a kid once (totally exonerated; with back pay and summer pay), following that started pursuing more solo recording ops. Called up an old bandmate from my gospel band “Divine Music” (**Carlos Cahee, has played/produced for August Alsina, Quinnes Parker-112 and Lloyd) and paid for my own roundtrip bus ticket back to Atlanta to stay with cousin and drove to meet Los to record some songs in a fancy studio and we banged out “Gotta Hold On” and “Fresh Out of Love”.
*****Natefrmbklyn has never been under any body’s management, was always nervous about signing stuff because all the big homies warned me against it, they told me had the hustle to learn on my own and to do the most so that when the checks come and deals come, you’ll have a foundation and followers already.*********
Here on this channel I pray you get to see figuring out this life of mine, waxing about people who I’ve been and am inspired by, people I pass on my way to God’s Destiny for me, discussions about hard times & good times, alot about the GOD that kept me all these years and yanked me out of relationships and fake and faulty friendships that meant me and them no good, just alot! I promise to always spit truth at the camera, I love to laugh and see the humor in the hard stuff, and I do respond as quickly as replies and comments. Yup! natefrmbklyn out.


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