PKA 639 W/ Wolf: Belle Delphine Collab, Milking Jordan Peterson, Wolf Meets Trump


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0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor the sponsors
0:00:13 – Dating down & why the car you drive can ruin your chance with a girl
0:06:22 – Scare Tactics – The Hidden camera show that got sued for a prank
0:11:44 – Tracy Morgan’s lifelong injury & the most successful child stars
0:14:47 – Gene Wilder, RDJ, Steve Martin & movies you can’t make in 2023
0:19:53 – Requiem for a Dream, Trainspotting & Saving Private Ryan
0:26:13 – The WWII Sergeant infamous for taking 40+ Germans prisoners
0:28:14 – Korean Vets vs Vietnam vets & the legacy of America’s civil conflict
0:38:16 – Canada’s flag vs the US’ & PKA Plays “Guess the flag: Europe Edition”
0:44:43 – Finnster x Belle Delphine, Wesley Snipes & Tom Cruise’s godlike aging
0:52:40 – Why Tiger Woods’ infidelity was unfairly villainized by the media
0:55:42 – Burn unit victims, dangerous machines & kids with cerebral palsy
1:02:28 – Politics talk: Kyle’s test results, meritocracies & affirmative action
1:09:23 – Kyle’s LEAST favorite doctor & why he HATES getting blood work done
1:14:14 – Wolf’s hot doctor dilemma and Kyle’s legitimate RAGE at the dentists
1:19:54 – The time Kyle got a PKA angry mob to mess with a motorbike dealership
1:23:04 – Wolf’s horrible experiences with racial profiling and police interactions
1:35:07 – Kyle’s 2013 eastern seaboard swinging escapades
1:40:33 – MMA talk: Jon Jones, slapping leagues, Barstool sports & freak fights
1:47:50 – Skills every man should learn in life: Punching, bike riding & ball throwing
1:53:41 – Kyle’s childhood interaction with a weird kid from Maryland
1:57:27 – Ukraine talk: Craziest footage, US drones vs Russian jets & hot girls
2:04:50 – Paintball talk: Wolf’s upcoming Poland event & PKA IRL events
2:12:32 – Taylor’s hilarious story, farmyard seizures & Wolf’s roadside trauma
2:19:49 – Ad reads: Real DBG, Wonky Weeds, Lock and Load & Blue
2:27:57 – When Wolf met Trump & how Instagram has ruined modern dating
2:34:42 – Why morgues are no longer hiring men & how to become a vampire
2:40:30 – The comatosed women being violated by creepy hospital workers
2:42:46 – Jordan Peterson’s *adult* Twitter troll & Ron DeSantis’ pudding fingers
2:47:00 – TV show talk: The Handmaid’s Tale, Last of Us finale & TWD
3:01:30 – Luther, Black Panther & why Kyle is done with the Marvel universe
3:08:27 – Comedy talk: Chris Rock’s new special, Chappelle’s skits & more
3:15:13 – The evolution of Jim Carey & Jack Black’s comedy careers
3:19:03 – Movie talk: Austin Powers, Blade & Bruce Willis’ memory loss
3:27:39 – Have the guys ever confronted an online critic in real life?
3:33:52 – PKA talks the afterlife, religion and the Roe vs Wade debate
3:44:04 – If Mrs Doubtfire was made in 2023 & the drag story time debate
3:55:07 – Ron DeSantis’ anti-woke agenda & his duel with Disneyland, Florida
3:59:10 – Should all public schools be funded equally? PKA discusses
4:03:38 – Wolf shouts out his social medias, the guys call it a show


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