Mark Irwin Challenges Joe Rogan After Byb Extreme 17 Victory | Post-Fight Callout


Mark Irwin Challenges Joe Rogan After Byb Extreme 17 Victory | Post-Fight Callout

Mark Irwin became the inaugural BYB lightweight champion via a majority decision verdict against Joshua Oxendine in the main event of BYB 17: Brawl at Rock Hill. Irwin described it as “the greatest feeling in the world”.

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‘The Shark’ knew he would play the heel role as Oxendine was the partisan favorite here with the South Carolina crowd. He fed off of the negative audience energy as he mentioned that any type of energy ignites Irwin’s flame further.

The newly minted 135-pound king described himself as “a savage” and “a dog through and through”. Irwin felt he showed that will to win throughout the fight. He admitted to getting hurt early but still, his self-belief never wavered even with all the subsequent damage accrued through five rounds.

Addressing the specifics of the adversities he faced in the Joshua Oxendine bout, Irwin stated, “I had no vision in my left eye. After the knockdown, I was completely blind in that eye. So it was difficult, for sure. But, you know, if you took vision in both my eyes, I was going to keep coming until I couldn’t come anymore.”

Oxendine was docked two points late in the fight for the referee perceiving not much activity from Oxendine’s broken hand. This undoubtedly proved to be a difference maker as reflected by the final scorecards of the ringside judges.

When asked by BKN what he wants next, Irwin quipped, “It doesn’t matter to me. My next fight is going to be for the Police Gazette World Diamond Belt, whoever the Hall of Fame decides that’s going to be against. Otherwise, you know, I’m open to putting the gloves back on; getting in the ring with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.”

“Maybe beat up some old UFC fighters on Jake Paul’s undercard. Lastly, I want to call out Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan, me and ‘Uncle Creepy’ Ian McCall are coming on your podcast. We’re going to talk about the history of combat sports, past, present, and future, and bare-knuckle boxing’s history there within. We’ll have the full Joe Rogan experience.”

“We will drink buffalo trace bourbon, smoke weed, eat elk steaks and psychedelic mushrooms. If we have time afterward, we’ll talk about aliens.”

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