Get Behind the Wheel of a Dodge Hornet in This AR Game

To promote its new Dodge Hornet models, auto manufacturer Stellantis North America worked with mixed reality company Areyes and creative consultancy Huge to launch an augmented reality mini-game on Instagram that allows people to drive a Dodge Hornet from the comfort of their home.

The game places the person’s face at the top of the screen and allows them to steer a Hornet vehicle by turning or tilting their head left and right as the car drives forward automatically. Players have a limited amount of time to collect hornet icons and power-ups that will give them a temporary speed boost while avoiding speed bumps that will slow them down.

“Dodge’s first electrified vehicle, the Dodge Hornet R/T, and the Hurricane4 Turbo-powered Dodge Hornet GT are geared precisely toward a younger, more tech-savvy demographic—one that seeks out and uses augmented reality technology and over-indexes on visits to Meta,” said Marissa Hunter, svp of marketing at Stellantis North America.

“This initiative taps into technologies we know our target audience already embraces in their everyday lives, allowing them to experience the brand new Dodge Hornet while simultaneously satisfying their need for speed and excitement: two pillars of the Dodge brand.”

The AR game is available to play through Dodge’s Instagram profile.

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