Israeli Defense Minister Claims Hamas Loss of Control in Gaza | Hospitals Amidst Crisis | Ceasefire Talks

In this LiveNOW from FOX update, the Israeli Defense Minister announces that Hamas has reportedly ‘lost control of Gaza,’ leading to a chaotic situation with terrorists fleeing and civilians engaging in looting. The transcript delves into the complex dynamics surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, including concerns about the strategic placement of a Hamas command module under Al-Shifa Hospital. The discussion touches on the challenges Israel faces in military actions near hospitals, emphasizing the need for careful and targeted operations.

The video also highlights the ongoing negotiations for a ceasefire, with Qatar serving as an intermediary. It explores the difficulties in determining the future control of Gaza post-war, with various possibilities discussed, including potential involvement from the Palestinian Authority or international entities. The update provides a comprehensive overview of the current developments, hostage situations, and the geopolitical considerations at play in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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