NEW Mariah Carey Barbie Doll Just Released Today & It’s Already Out of Stock

It’s not just a “sweet, sweet fantasy!” The Mariah Carey Barbie Doll is REAL and she was just released!

The Mariah Carey Barbie Doll with microphone and butterfly ring

All we want for Christmas is the new Mariah Carey Barbie doll. 🎁

Mattel has a big surprise for the holidays! The company just released a new Mariah Carey Barbie doll!

The timing of the release couldn’t be more perfect since the beloved diva sings one of the most iconic Christmas songs of our time, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”  

In fact, the new Barbie doll wears a stunning red dress that is actually inspired by Mariah Carey’s look in the music video! She also comes with a microphone, butterfly ring, red heels, and sparkling silver earrings. Plus, her hair styled in Mariah’s recognizable soft wave. This doll would truly make a fantastic addition to any Mariah fan’s collection!

Up close view of the Mariah Carey Barbie Doll from Mattel

There is no denying that the Mariah Carey Barbie doll is one of the hottest gifts of the season and it was out of stock almost as soon as it became available at midnight on November 17th. Talk about a heartbreaker! 😩

If you want to be someone’s hero this year, keep your eyes peeled for the doll to come back into stock. We’ll be keeping watch too and will let you know if we see it come available!

The Mariah Carey Barbie doll in the package

Here’s where you can buy the Mariah Carey Barbie doll…

The doll is supposed to be retailing for around $75. Though currently out of stock, we’ve spotted a legitimate listing for the doll on Amazon. We recommend periodically checking back on this listing to see if any become available.

It also wouldn’t hurt to check your local Walmart, Target, or toy store to see if they have any in stock. Just be careful if shopping online. You might spot a third-party listing that has hiked the price, like this doll available through for $188 (or more). 😱 We have also seen several eBay listings go up that are charging well over $100 for the doll.

If you have your heart set on having a Mariah Carey Barbie under the tree this year, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that you are able to snag one at a reasonable price!

As soon as we see them for sale again, we’ll let you know!

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