Families and Supporters Rally at UN, Urging Global Action to Free Hostages Held by Hamas


Families and supporters of hostages held by Hamas gathered outside the United Nations headquarters, demanding urgent international intervention to secure the release of their loved ones. Among the poignant displays was a photo of 3-year-old Israeli twins, Emma and Yuli Cunio, placed alongside dozens of flyers featuring images of other captives, each marked with the word “kidnapped.” An Israeli flag, wrapped around a tree, stood at the center of the emotional exhibition.

The demonstration was organized in response to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ controversial statement linking the Hamas atrocities to Israel’s control of the West Bank and Gaza. Israeli officials, including UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan, strongly condemned Guterres, calling for his resignation and accusing him of spreading misinformation.

Amidst the controversy, families of the hostages sought to refocus attention on their captive relatives. Ruby Chen, a New Yorker whose son Itay is among the captives, expressed the collective plea: “We urge the international community not to talk but to act.”

Alana Zeitchik, another relative of the hostages, shared her anguish, stating, “I just want to get them home. That’s all I think about. All we want is for them to come back, and we want the world to come with us to help us.”

Following the outcry, Guterres clarified his stance, emphasizing the need for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages held in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israeli officials criticized both the UN and Qatar, a country funding Hamas, for perceived inaction in rescuing the hostages.

The demonstration in New York City, marked by emotional speeches and displays, reflected the desperation of families and supporters, transcending political divides. The international community watches closely as efforts intensify to bring the hostages home, a cause that unites nations in the face of a shared human tragedy.

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