IDF Spokesperson: Gaza Airstrikes Continue to Strengthen Army’s Position in Preparation for Ground Offensive

In the heart of the ongoing conflict, IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari articulates the military’s relentless aerial assault upon the Gaza Strip. He emphasizes the strategic significance, stating that these airstrikes are pivotal for fortifying the army’s position in anticipation of an imminent ground offensive.

“Today’s precision strikes targeted the intricate terror infrastructure nestled within Gaza City’s buildings and subterranean networks,” Hagari informs.

He steadfastly affirms the military’s resolve, asserting, “Our campaign will persist, meticulously hitting strategic points within Gaza, progressively enhancing our stance for the forthcoming phases of the operation.”

Hagari underscores the enduring nature of the conflict, underscoring the virtues necessary for victory. “This war demands unwavering resilience, trust, and patience from the populace,” he states emphatically.

Israel, unwavering in its objective, has elucidated the primary goals of this conflict: the complete dismantling of Hamas and the safe return of hostages abducted by the terror group during the relentless assault that began on October 7th.

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