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Discover this phenomenal destination in Brazil with the insiders from Pousada Literária

Paraty, south of Rio de Janeiro, is one of those destinations that every traveler dreams of visiting. A destination full of history, excellent gastronomy and a cultural scene that is packed with festivals all year round.

The city has had some tough times during the pandemic and now is flourishing and packed with local and international visitors.

But what makes this city very special is the opportunity it gives the visitor to feel totally at easy and be like a local.

I got together with the insiders from Pousada Literária to explore the new and old paths. That lead to a journey into the tropical rainforest foraging for new exotic foods, meeting local herbalists, learning about regenerative tourism and discovering that Brazil has a remarkable ability to reinvent itself.

Literally Innovative: can a hotel become a vortex for local regeneration?

Pousada Literária is a stunning hotel in the old town of Paraty that is formed by restored villas, apartments and a farm. Yes, an eco-farm in the jungle! The motto here is to immerse the guest in authentic storytelling.

The hotel has a wonderful library, a stunning bookstore and books in all rooms, in various languages. The largest pool in Paraty is here too.

Paraty with Pousada Literária | Brazil

Décor is inspired by nature patterns and spaces are designed with plentiful wooden furnishings, straw elements and local weaved fabrics inspired by the indigenous heritage of the region.

This way heritage can be felt in many aspects: from the local team to the ingenious seafood-based cuisine.

Under the creative management of travel entrepreneur Pedro Treacher, the hotel is heading into innovation of experiences: unique local guides, organic food suppliers, immersive tours and enhanced sustainable ethos.

Farm to table taken to another level – food for the soul

Sustainable and regenerative experiences are the elements of rethinking the hotel stay. Hence, they restored and reforested an 1800s farm and worked in regenerative processes of farming with local producers to supply the hotel.

One thing that stands out at Literária are the food expeditions to their own sustainable farm, Fazenda Bananal.

Because here one can learn all about the balance between wild and tamed. Learn abit about sustainability and how we can eat our way out of climate change.

The experience offers an exquisite organic local lunch at the farm’s superb restaurant, under the command of up-and-coming Brazilian chef Flávia Campos.

Trained with the Roca brothers in Spain, she imprints here passion for unusual, local staples, beautifully cooking only with what the region has to offer – from spices and forest flowers to the bay’s fish.

The hotel has partnerships with amazing experts, like Jorge Ferreira, a professional Brazilian forager. Trained in the UK, he specializes in mushrooms and is a researcher in biodiversity and a rainforest guide at the farm.

Madame Angeli, the local herbalist, has ancestral indigenous heritage. Hence, her profound knowledge of local herbs have made her concoctions of forest spices the “go to ” food seasoning and medicine for healing.

She supplies many restaurants in town, including the hotel’s Quintal das Letras Restaurant and Pupu’s Peixe, a super nice hangout full of character and great food.

A visit to the local farmers market, where all manner of organic produce is on display, is a must tour the hotel organizes.

“My spices are like raising my children. It is the best I can offer”

Madame Angeli

Of Pirates & Caipirinhas

A visit to the bay of Paraty is a stunning journey into tales of Dutch pirates, indigenous legends of sea creatures and of the African gods that protected the slaves on their perils in their forced homes in colonial Brazil.  

Therefore, sailing through the blue waters of Paraty’s bay on the hotel’s boat “Maria Panela” is a call to adventure.

The boat features phenomenal ambience and can take you up to the only Brazilian “fjord” of Saco do Mamanguá where you can spend the night at the hotel’s beach house – breathtaking!

Inside tips

We love so many places in this magical town! Paraty is very unique.

For an exquisite bespoke stay, head to Casa Turquesa, from hotelier Tetê Etrusco.

The best squid and prawns offshore can be found at GastroMar’s boat lunch.

If innovative cuisine is your thing, Pupu’s Peixe & Banana da Terra.

Pictures by Pousada Literária

Thanks to Pousada Literária for the experience

Pousada Literária Paraty

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