Pro Elf Tips for Organizing a Secret Santa Gift Exchange


What’s the #1 reason to create a Secret Santa gift exchange besides the fun? Everyone only needs to buy one gift, and then they’re done! Elfster is a FREE gift exchange website that connects families, friends, online communities and office groups in the spirit of gift giving. Below are some popular FAQs, along with pro elf tips to make you both a gift exchange expert and holiday hero!

How do I create a gift exchange?Go to and sign up for an account. (We also have apps for iOS and Android!) Then, go to your Elfster dashboard and click “Gift Exchanges” then “Start A Gift Exchange.” Add all the deets for your gift exchange — like the who, when, where and budget. Now you can invite friends and family via email or use an invitation link to post to your social media accounts or send a special group text message. The more the merrier we say! PRO ELF TIP: The people that you invite to your gift exchange will automatically be added to a Group that will remain accessible in your account for future use.How are names drawn for my gift exchange?How do I prevent people from drawing one another (ie. spouses, siblings, etc.)?How do I include people who have not responded to the invitation?How do I create a new gift exchange using a past group?How do I create an Elfster gift exchange for an online community?

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