TECNO changes the future of mobile photography with its revolutionized multi-skin tone imaging technology


TECNO stands as an emblem of innovation in the technological landscape. With a presence in over 70 countries spanning five continents, this brand has been redefining digital experiences in emerging markets since its inception.

From smartphones and wearables to laptops, smart home products, and HiOS operating systems, TECNO’s extensive range is a testament to its mission of pushing boundaries.

Embodying the ethos of “Stop At Nothing”, TECNO motivates consumers globally to continually aspire towards betterment. Most recently, TECNO released a short film called “Portrait for Everyone”. Produced by BBC StoryWorks, this film highlights TECNO’s latest revolutionized multi-skin tone technology, Universal Tone, to celebrate inclusivity.

Universal Tone Technology

Dr Kaida Xiao

Source: TECNO

At the core of TECNO’s imaging revolution is its Universal Tone technology. Universal Tone is an advanced AI-powered multi-skin tone imaging technology that has been developed to meticulously understand and capture the beauty of the world’s diverse range of skin tones.

This groundbreaking advancement addresses the age-old challenges of portrait imaging, resulting in poor quality, desaturated, or overexposed images especially when people of different skin tones are photographed together.

TECNO partnered with top universities around the world to solve this challenge. Particularly, they collaborated with the School of Design at the University of Leeds to jointly advance the application of color science to its multi-skin tone imaging system.

“TECNO and I embarked to explore the potential of technology to better reflect a variety of skin tones,” Dr. Kaida Xiao, associate professor in Color and Imaging Science at the University of Leeds and TECNO Technical Advisor, stated in this film. “With the help of unbiased data and color card, we could help integrate more advanced AI into TECNO’s camera system, specifically trained to capture the beauty of diverse skin tones.”

The Universal Tone Technology is underpinned by three robust engines:

  • Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine
  • Local-Tuning Engine
  • AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine

These engines work in tandem to offer precision and finesse, ensuring every portrait captures the essence and diversity of its subjects.

TECNO’s Portrait for Everyone film

Working with BBC StoryWorks, TECNO released ‘Portrait for Everyone’, a poignant short film that brings the Universal Tone technology to life. This film shows how this innovative technology champions inclusivity in smartphone imaging.

Not just a technological demonstration, it captures the narratives of the esteemed professors who played an integral role in the development of Universal Tone.

The film underscores the profound emotional connection people have with portraits. As Dr. Thomas Curran, Professor of Psychological and Behavioral Science, rightly points out, authenticity in images anchors our self-worth and shapes how we perceive ourselves within a community.

How Universal Tone Technology can change the future

Universal Tone technology is not just about creating a clear and accurate representation of diverse skin tones. It’s about crafting an inclusive world where everyone feels seen and valued. By considering global aesthetic preferences, TECNO ensures each image reflects the individual’s beauty from a psychological perspective.

Universal Tone technology also takes the diverse scenarios of different regions into account, from the subject’s environment, local landscapes, and lighting conditions to color temperatures and so on.

Jack Qiu, Shaw Foundation Professor at Nanyang Technological University and TECNO’s Advisor, articulates this vision perfectly. The goal is to imbue every image with emotional and aesthetic richness, making it a true reflection of its origin.

TECNO’s ‘Portrait for Everyone’ is more than a feature; it’s a commitment to inclusivity, customer-centricity, and a global approach. It’s an invitation to embrace Universal Tone Technology, steering us toward a future where every individual can confidently and boldly showcase their authentic self.

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