Iconic Cleopatra Statue Removed at Caesars Palace


A classic photo op and beloved good luck charm has been removed at Caesars Palace.

The good news is the glorious Cleopatra statue at Cleopatra’s Barge is being given a refresh and will return.

It’s our pleasure to keep you abreast of these developments.

Our photography and modesty are highly underrated.

The rumor is the closed Cleopatra’s Barge lounge will be transformed into a new lounge operated by Clique Hospitality.

We should know, it was our rumor.

The good news is Cleopatra won’t suffer the same fate as Buck and Winnie at Harrah’s (the statue was too deteriorated to be saved). She’s in the process of being given what a Caesars Entertainment source describes as a “rebirth.”

The former Cleopatra’s Barge has been walled off, and Cleo is nowhere to be found.

It’s curtains for Cleopatra’s Barge, but not for Cleopatra. Thanks to Chris H. for the pic.

Cleopatra is a throwback to a cheesier time in Las Vegas history.

Cleopatra’s Barge made its debut in 1970, in the space that was once the Nero’s Nook lounge.

Performers in Cleopatra’s Barge have mostly been forgettable, as evidenced by the fact we don’t remember many of them.

The Cleopatra statue, however, is a Las Vegas must-see. Or, more accurately, a must-touch.

Millions of people have rubbed the Cleopatra statue for good luck over the years. In fact, people touch the statue so often, it’s the most often repainted part of Caesars Palace.

Fun fact: Runners sometimes apply lubricants or adhesive tape to their chest to avoid “jogger’s nipple.”

Caesars Palace never really talks about the non-stop boob-rubbing, but it’s a thing.

We trust the old girl will look better than ever when she’s refurbished and we trust there will be an unveiling and the requisite P.R. hoopla when she returns.

Thankfully, there are lots of other good luck charms at Caesars Palace suitable for rubbing for good luck.

For example, guests rub Caesar’s hand or toe. Although, that’s gotten a little more complicated recently.

Gamblers can also touch Joe Louis’ gloves.

Joe Louis statue
Why doesn’t anyone rub Joe Louis’ nipples for good luck? It’s too complicated to discuss in a photo caption.

Some prefer to touch David’s toe to increase their chances of prevailing at the tables and slot machines.

David statue
Toe. Rub the toe.

It’s great to see Caesars Palace, and its owner Caesars Entertainment, ensuring its Cleopatra statue—a classic piece of Las Vegas kitsch—is restored and made and available for viewing and respectful, consensual fondling for years to come.

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