Pendulum Deliver Electrifying ‘Anima’ EP

When it comes to drum and bass, few do it as good as Australian dnb legends Pendulum. Over the course of their career, they’ve achieved 3 platinum albums along with a #1 & #2 hit in the UK – known especially for never being afraid to push the creative boundaries when it comes to this genre.

After releasing two massive singles this summer – “Halo ft. Matt Tuck” and “Colourfast”, the band has now delivered their highly anticipated ‘Anima’ EP that all together is some of their most polished work to date. Their ability to crossover into rock and screamo genres while still maintaining their iconic sound, especially on “Halo” with Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck and “Mercy Killing” with breakthrough UK rapper/screamo artist Scarlxrd” display just how talented these guys are.

It very quickly became clear that Scar [Scarlxrd] was one of our favorite people that we’ve ever had in the studio. He’s pure energy. Nothing was off-limits. Trap verse? Let’s do it. Slightly-more-pop-punk-than-usual chorus? Fuck it, let’s go.” – Rob Swire (Pendulum)

The beauty of the EP lies in its unpredictability. Whether you’re an old school Pendulum fan, a pop-punk fan, or just a sucker for big vocal hooks, this EP has something for everyone.

Listen below!

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