Natural Tile and Grout Cleaner Recipes


Making the switch to homemade grout cleaner and natural tile cleaner is incredibly easy and very inexpensive. You likely already have all the things you need. And they’re more effective (in my opinion) than many store-bought alternatives. You also don’t have to worry about your kids bathing in a chemical cocktail after you clean the tub, or a toddler crawling around on a floor covered in carcinogens.

I’m a big fan of homemade cleaning recipes and these were born out of necessity for me. When I moved into my first home that I owned it needed a lot of work. Most of the remodeling became a DIY job. One thing I left was the vintage tile in the hall bathroom. Thankfully, it was a light blue color and not a horrible yellow or bright pink like many other 1970s bathrooms.

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Unfortunately, this bathroom came with complimentary mold in the grout and tile and I had to figure out how to get rid of it. These natural tile and grout cleaner recipes were created in response to the mold decorations in the bathroom. Thankfully they cleaned the ceramic tile and dirty grout right up.

The Problem With Tile Cleaning Products

Store-bought grout cleaners can take your breath away (quite literally). The harsh cleaners may clean up tile floors and grout lines but not before they burn your lungs. Then there’s the residue afterward with the remaining harsh chemicals. Some of them promise a deep clean with no scrubbing, but I’m not afraid of a little natural cleaning elbow grease.

A common “DIY” hack is to use toilet bowl cleaner for grout cleaner. While the gel cleaners stick to grout and can clean it, they can cause damage over time. Plus again we’re back to harsh chemicals.

Another popular option is chlorine bleach. I read that bleach doesn’t actually kill mold but just bleaches it so you can’t see it so I didn’t want to go that direction. Plus, with little ones in the house, bleach wasn’t something I kept around anyway.

DIY Grout Cleaning Ingredients

So what’s a natural mama to do when it comes to grime and buildup on shower tiles? While lemon juice and Dawn dish soap are some popular options, I’ve found some natural cleaners that do the trick. I’ve come up with several different cleaning solutions based on the tile using the following basic ingredients. Most of them you probably already have on hand!

  • Vinegar – A somewhat gentle acid that works great as a tile floor cleaner. Over time it can break down grout though, so use it sparingly on these areas.
  • Baking soda – A gentle scrubbing agent that helps remove dirt and stains.
  • Washing soda – You can actually make your own from baking soda! It adds an extra cleaning boost to DIY cleaners.
  • Borax – A little controversial as a cleaner, but I’ve found it to be a great addition to my cleaning routine. Borax helps remove dirt and stains on tile and grout and it also softens water for a better clean.
  • Castile soap – A more natural replacement for conventional dish soap in DIY grout cleaners.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – The foaming action helps whiten and lift stains. Be careful with colored grout though as it may bleach it.
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