The Beatles’ New AI Song, VR Zumba


On the latest episode of TechMagic, the show that dives deep into today’s tech news and explores the future of tech and gaming, Cathy Hackl and Lee Kebler talk about the new Beatles song made possible by machine learning.

In video game industry news, Fortnite re-released an original map that generated 102 million hours of play and broke records. Hackl talks about playing video games with her kids, and why you should consider playing too.

Gen Z and Gen Alpha are changing more than the entertainment landscape—they’re changing sports too, with flag football coming to the 2028 Olympics. For the older generations, Zumba is coming to virtual reality, but Kebler has grievances with VR fitness subscriptions. Hackl and Kebler talk about what it would take for VR to replace the gym for fitness.

Hackl interviews guest Pico Velásquez, computational architect and founder/CEO of Viira Inc., about design development, sustainability and brand experiences in emerging technology. Velásquez talks about designing cities of the future, physically and virtually. 

Producer Lily Snyder comes back with the Dispatch From the Fringe, covering the strangest story in tech each week. This time, Snyder talks about VR going to space as an HTC Vive 3 headset is set to be transported to the International Space Station.

Come for the tech, stay for the magic.

Key highlights:

  • 1:22 – 13:01: What we did last week: The Beatles released their final song, “Now and Then,” using machine learning to separate vocals from old recorded tape. Hackl discusses the benefits of playing video games as a family, and is prepares to attend the CFDA Awards in New York, one of the biggest nights in fashion. 
  • 13:01 – 20:00: Fortnite and the gaming industry: An original Fortnite map drew 44.7 million players.
  • 20:00 – 29:13: Tech and Sports: The evolution of sports, from new Olympic events to virtual reality. 
  • 29:13 – 57:20: Guest interview: Pico Velásquez, founder and CEO of Viira Inc., on the future of cities. 
  • 57:20 – 1:01:32: Dispatch from the Fringe

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