IDF Unearths Hamas Terror Infrastructure in the Heart of Gaza City


In a recent development, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have launched a significant military campaign in the heart of Gaza City to dismantle and destroy the extensive terror infrastructure built by Hamas over the years. The script of a recent video provides insight into the ongoing operation, the challenges faced, and the international response to this crisis. 

  1. A Phenomenal Success:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has labeled the military campaign a “phenomenal success.” The IDF’s efforts have so far resulted in the destruction of numerous Hamas bases, tunnels, and command centers. This success indicates the effectiveness of the operation in neutralizing a significant threat to the region.

  1. Hamas’ Use of Civilian Cover:

One alarming aspect highlighted in the script is Hamas’s strategy of using the civilian population as cover. The IDF has uncovered tunnels near civilian areas, including an amusement park and a civilian university. This tactic is not only a breach of international law but also endangers the lives of innocent civilians. It raises serious concerns about how Hamas operates within Gaza City.

  1. International Support and Concerns:

While Israel continues its campaign, it is essential to note the international response. President Joe Biden has requested a three-day pause in the fighting to facilitate the release of hostages. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu is cautious about trusting Hamas, given the history of conflicts in the region. International support for Israel remains critical as it deals with these challenges.

  1. Rising Anti-Semitism and Public Support for Hamas:

The script highlights the worrying trend of rising anti-Semitism and increased public support for Hamas in various parts of the world. This is a significant concern as it can influence international politics and affect the balance of power in the region. It underscores the need for diplomatic efforts to address these issues.

  1. A Call for Action:

The video script concludes with a call for action. One family member emphasized that the situation in Israel is a wakeup call for not only the Jewish community but also the entire world. The threat extends beyond Israel, with Iran serving as the primary funder of Hamas and other terrorist groups. Their ultimate goal is to target countries like the United States, which they consider a larger threat.

Support for Israel:

In response to these challenges, several groups in the United States are planning a massive March for Israel in Washington DC on November 14th. This rally aims to demonstrate solidarity with Israel and raise awareness of the complex issues facing the region. Support for Israel is crucial, and these gatherings can play a significant role in showing that solidarity.


The ongoing IDF military campaign in the heart of Gaza City highlights the importance of addressing Hamas’s terror infrastructure and the threats it poses. The script of the video underscores the success of the operation, the challenges of Hamas’s use of civilian areas, and the need for international support. It also draws attention to the concerning rise in anti-Semitism and public support for Hamas. In this context, the upcoming March for Israel in Washington DC serves as a platform for those who stand with Israel and seek a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis.

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