Israeli Defense Forces Uncover Hamas Weapons Factory Adjacent to Children’s Bedroom in Gaza


In the heart of Gaza’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, the IDF made a startling discovery: a clandestine rocket and drone production facility cunningly concealed within a residential edifice. This covert operation, camouflaged amidst the very homes where families reside, sent shockwaves through the community. Nearby educational institutions unwittingly harbored this sinister secret, as the IDF meticulously unveiled the truth.

Under the banner of the Nahal Brigade, Israeli forces boldly seized Hamas’s Outpost 17 in the western expanse of Jabalya, engaging in a tenacious battle against terrorists affiliated with both Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The conflict raged above ground and below, within the labyrinthine tunnels that characterize the region. A grueling ten-hour struggle ensued, resulting in the elimination of numerous terrorists, the confiscation of a cache of weapons, and the unearthing of concealed tunnel entrances, one disturbingly close to a kindergarten.

Amidst the ongoing ground offensive in Gaza, now in its 34th day, the IDF mourns the loss of 35 valiant soldiers. Among them was Master-Sgt. (Res.) Eliahou Benjamin Elmakayes, 29, hailing from Jerusalem, who met his untimely demise in the fierce combat that unfolded in central Gaza. In addition to this somber loss, five soldiers and officers sustained grave injuries during clashes in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

This harrowing tale illustrates the relentless determination of IDF soldiers, unyielding in their pursuit of peace, even amid the most perilous circumstances. The intricate web of conflict, concealed within the very fabric of civilian life, underscores the challenges faced by those tasked with safeguarding the innocent and upholding justice.

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