Paris Hilton and Grey Goose Spoof Celebrity Creative Directors


Paris Hilton appointed as the new creative director of Grey Goose Classic Martini Cocktail?

That’s hot. 

Alas, while the product itself is a real thing, Hilton’s title is not so much. But it’s fun watching her lean into it for all of 60 seconds. 

In an ad launching the vodka brand’s new pre-mixed cocktail, the media personality, entrepreneur and 11:11 Media founder studies a book titled A History of Cocktails to learn whether to “shake or stir” and determine “the right balance of vermouth.” 

“There are so many questions before we get to garnishes,” she explains. 

Her fact-finding mission is short lived, however, as a helpful hand behind the camera hands her a bottle of the Grey Goose Classic Martini Cocktail, already made and ready to be served, prompting her to approvingly deliver her famous catchphrase, “That’s hot.”  

After realizing the cocktail no longer requires her “creative direction,” Hilton then dives into showing the audience how to serve it up with flair and aplomb (and sparkly accessories)— noting they need only “serve it in a chic glass” before adding, “That’s cold.”  

The national campaign, produced by RadicalMedia and directed by Nina Meredith, will run across Grey Goose and Hilton’s social channels. The brand will focus on earned opportunities, including Hilton’s hilariously ill-fated appearance on Jimmy Fallon, to promote the product, with additional creative assets such as bloopers and influencer partnerships. 

The tongue-in-cheek ad is based on the recent trend of brands appointing celebrities as their creative directors, despite having “no real experience for the role,” according to Aleco Azqueta, vp of marketing for Grey Goose.

“Because the Grey Goose Classic Martini Cocktail is already batched, and you only need to shake or stir and then garnish it, we thought it would be fun to wink at the trend by playfully appointing a ‘creative director’ for a product that delivers a perfect martini every time,” he added.

Hilton previously donned the brand’s bespoke Grey Goose martini-inspired DUNDAS bag at last year’s Grammy awards ceremony.  

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