Israeli 401st Brigade Victory in Tunnels! The Israeli Army Destroys Enemy Strongholds


  • Israeli Forces Victorious in Tunnels: The Israeli 401st Brigade successfully conducted a strategic siege campaign in the northern Gaza Strip, destroying enemy strongholds, particularly in the Beit Hanon neighborhood.

  • Siege from Multiple Directions: Israeli forces initiated a comprehensive siege from the east, north, and northwest, advancing around 2 kilometers in the region. They encountered and neutralized numerous Hamas militants, revealing tunnels and terrorist positions.

  • Special Forces Operation: Israeli elite soldiers advanced deep into Gaza, discovering a Hamas stronghold in the Jabalia region. A 10-hour struggle ensued, resulting in the neutralization of terrorists guarding the Hamas castle. Significant documents, including assault plans and maps, were confiscated.

  • Reconnaissance and Airstrikes: The Israeli Army conducted a reconnaissance mission in Gaza City, uncovering Hamas arms stockpiles and unmanned aerial vehicle production facilities. Prompt airstrikes were launched, destroying these vital Hamas positions.

  • Israeli Offensive Continues: Clashes between Israeli Ground Forces and Hamas terrorists persist, particularly in northern and central Gaza. Israeli forces aim to march southward, launching offensives from central and coastal areas, intending to open another front in the south of the Gaza Strip.

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