IDF soldiers share photo in conquered Hamas parliament


Amidst the unfolding events in Gaza, the gallant soldiers of the Golani Brigade, part of the IDF, shared a momentous photograph on Monday. This captivating image captured the Israeli flag unfurling within the confines of the Hamas parliament building.

In this poignant tableau, the fighter unit proudly brandished the Israeli flag within the legislative council building of the designated terrorist organization.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, on Monday, declared, “Gaza is slipping from the grasp of Hamas – terrorists are retreating southward, while civilians engage in the appropriation of Hamas strongholds.” This proclamation followed a comprehensive evaluation of the situation, where the Defense Minister underscored the commendable progress of IDF soldiers in the Gaza conflict.

“The IDF operates according to a meticulously crafted plan, executing missions with precision, lethality, and seamless coordination across air, sea, and land forces, facilitated by accurate intelligence,” affirmed the defense minister.

Hamas finds itself bereft of any means to thwart the IDF’s relentless advance. The military force surges forward, as echoed by the defense minister, “The IDF is advancing on all fronts. Gaza has slipped from the grasp of Hamas; terrorists are retreating southward, and civilians are ransacking Hamas strongholds, displaying a palpable loss of confidence in the governing body.”

IDF Shatters Hamas’s Operational Effectiveness

The IDF’s offensive strikes have shattered the operational effectiveness of 10 out of 24 Hamas battalions, reports the military.

In an unprecedented move, the IDF, on Monday, divulged its official assessments of the scale and composition of Hamas’s forces on the eve of the conflict that commenced on October 7.

Furthermore, the IDF presented its evaluation of the impact inflicted upon Hamas’s forces over approximately five weeks of aerial assaults and two-and-a-half weeks of ground invasion.

Per the IDF’s analysis, at the war’s outset, Hamas fielded a force of 30,000 individuals, organized into five regional brigades, further divided into 24 battalions, and subsequently segmented into 140 companies, each battalion consisting of over 1,000 personnel.

The IDF’s 188th Brigade successfully neutralized a terrorist cell operating in the vicinity of the Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City, as per a statement released on Monday. This operation transpired in response to an anti-tank missile targeting IDF soldiers, causing damage to an Israeli tank.

Concealed amidst civilians, several terrorists launched two RPGs at IDF soldiers near the hospital. The combat brigade, comprising armored, engineering, and infantry units, retaliated with live fire, artillery, and aerial support. The IDF reported the elimination of approximately 21 terrorists, with no reported Israeli casualties.

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