Queen Latifah Speaks Out Against ‘Milk Shaming’ in Funny PSA


MilkPEP and its agency Gale have enlisted entertainer Queen Latifah to take on “dairy deniers” who have been bullying milk drinkers, with a new campaign that’s a direct hit to the funny bone. 

The actor, producer, singer, rap icon and avowed milk drinker lends her star power to bring down the house and “pour milk shaming down the drain” in “OK2Milk,” a PSA from the national milk processors’ organization. The spoof introduces a fictional group that offers “support, community and compassion for dairy milk drinkers facing backlash on social media, in coffee shops, at school and beyond.” 

In the video, Queen Latifah recounts divisive instances during which milk drinkers faced cruelty for openly sharing their drink of choice. In one situation, a date that was seemingly going well takes a disastrous turn when a glass of milk is ordered with dessert.

In another, a mother’s good-natured gesture of bringing chocolate milk to snack day leads to devastating consequences for her son’s little league baseball future.

And a political campaign is irreparably upended by the resurfacing of yearbook photos depicting a milk-chugging frat boy proudly reveling in his dairy binge.  

The hero video, helmed by the same team behind the Aubrey Plaza-fronted viral sensation, “Wood Milk,” is part of a digital-first campaign on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Additional activity will include testimonial videos from influencers and other celebs, including the lactose-intolerant Cardi B and “Milkshake” singer Kelis. A hotline, 1-888-OK2-MILK, offers callers information, support and a serving of comedy.  

There is also an e-commerce and philanthropic component to the campaign, with a dedicated site selling “OK2Milk” merch. Proceeds will benefit Stomp Out Bullying, a national organization combatting LGBTQIA+ discrimination, racism and hatred.   

A cause fit for a Queen 

Gale chief brand and experience officer, Winston Binch, told Adweek the team’s brief was to find someone with “Dateline or PSA vibes” and a commanding voice and presence that would entertain and connect with audiences, while also informing them of the ugly side of the “milk wars.” 

“The reality is, milk shaming is happening,” said Binch. “We wanted [someone who could] nail that. But we also needed a comedic range … Queen has that.”

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