Survivor – Episode 45.07 – The Thorn in My Thumb


In the seventh episode of Survivor’s 45th season, titled “The Thorn in My Thumb,” the game took an unexpected turn with a surprise double elimination. The episode began with a twist as host Jeff Probst divided the merged tribe into two, announcing that two players would be sent home. The tribes were split into two groups of six, with two individuals winning immunity and the remaining player earning a Sanctuary visit for their team.

The first group, Team Red, consisted of Sifu, Bruce, Kellie, Kendra, Emily, and Drew, with Kellie winning immunity. The second group, Team Blue, included Katurah, Jake, Kaleb, Dee, Julie, and Austin, with Dee winning immunity and the team’s sanctuary trip.

In a tense Tribal Council, Sifu was voted out by a 5-1 vote, becoming the final member of the pre-jury crew. Meanwhile, Kaleb, despite his efforts to be transparent with everyone, was also voted out. His elimination was a shock, especially after his record-breaking move in the previous episode where he negated 11 votes.

The episode ended with a teaser for the return of the long-lost Survivor Auction, much to the excitement of the final ten. So, Survivor fans, what do you think about the double elimination twist? And who are you rooting for in the upcoming Survivor Auction?

Castaways must hold on for their lives during the first individual immunity challenge to earn safety and a reward at the sanctuary. Then, castaways must come to a consensus on who to vote out at tribal council where two people will be leaving the game, on SURVIVOR, Wednesday, Nov. 8, (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming on Paramount+

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