Unveiling the Roots of Antisemitism: From Ancient Rome to Modern Times | Flashback with Palki Sharma


Explore the historical origins and evolution of antisemitism in this enlightening episode of “Flashback with Palki Sharma.” Delve into the depths of history, starting with the early Roman Empire, where suspicions arose due to the monotheistic beliefs of Jews. Witness the impact of the death of Jesus Christ and the role of Christian propaganda in perpetuating false accusations against the Jewish community.

Uncover the emergence of antisemitic tropes through baseless claims like the blood libel and the scapegoating of Jews during the Black Death. Discover the economic factors that cast Jews as money lenders and led to their expulsion from European kingdoms in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The narrative unfolds with the enlightenment era’s slight improvements, only to witness the emergence of racial theories in the 19th century, culminating in the horrors of Nazi Germany. Understand how Hitler’s policies transformed antisemitism from marginalization to extermination, resulting in the devastating Holocaust.

The video concludes with reflections on modern manifestations of antisemitism, from neo-Nazi marches in the U.S. town of Charlottesville to its resurgence during conflicts involving Israel. Learn about the efforts made by the church to rectify past wrongs and the crucial lessons humanity must embrace to ensure such atrocities are never repeated.

Join Palki Sharma in this comprehensive exploration of antisemitism, offering a poignant reminder to value diversity and promote understanding in our ever-changing world.

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