Why You Need This Harry’s Shaving Kit


It’s time to save BIG on the very popular Harry’s Shaving Kit!

hand holding a Harry's Razor Shaving Kit

Ditch the expensive razors and grab a Harry’s Shaving Kit!

Oh, shaving… whether you love it or hate it, it’s something you likely have to upkeep constantly – making it a consistent expense! And, if you’re buying into that women’s razor ploy, then you can’t forget about the added ‘pink tax’ too! 🤑

Lucky for us, Harry’s has an incredible shaving subscription offer available! It’s the perfect time to buy a premium shaving kit for yourself, or gift one because, after all, shaving is a necessity for most of us!

This shaving kit would be a wonderful gift to receive any day of the year, but it’d also make a great stocking stuffer for teens or anyone else on your list!

Harry's Shaving Kit

“So, how can I score the starter Harry’s shaving kit for $5 shipped right now?!”

  • Head here and click the “Redeem Trial” button
  • Choose the blade handle color (orange, blue, green, or black)
  • Click “Next Step”
  • Select your refill shipment (can cancel anytime)
  • Click “Next Step”
  • Select shipment frequency
  • Click “Review Order”
  • Then, head to checkout!

Final cost $5 SHIPPED (a $13 value)!

*Note that you may also choose the Winston Handle Starter Set for $7 (regularly $15) or the Craft Handle Starter Set for $10 (regularly $17)!

This shaving kit is also an easy way to add to your razor stockpile on the cheap! Readers have also shared about donating these trial kits to the homeless or even the troops as well!

Harry's razor in a box

How much do you typically spend on razors? 

According to, the average man spends $12.95 per unit. Within the past three years, the cost has inflated as high as almost $22. 😟 – and don’t even get me started on ‘women’s razors’.

With the current offer, you’ll receive a weighted, ergonomic rubberized handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover for just $5 shipped! 🙌 From there, you’ll select how many blades you want and how often you plan on shaving to keep those refills coming in on a regular rotation.

Fun fact: if you were to score a similar trial kit from the popular women’s version of Harry’s, Joy+Glee, you’d pay $10 shipped! 😱

But that’s where Harry’s comes in to save the day! (And why I’m here to tell you ladies, it’s for you, too)!

woman holding Harry's razor and shaving cream

Listen up, ladies!👂🏼

I’ve tried the women’s razor subscription, Billie, before, and unless you’re down for paying for the color pink, what you’re not paying for is effectiveness! The bottom line: Harry’s razor blades are on point and sharper than similar women’s versions I have tried in the past.

And not too sharp, I’m sitting here the next day without ANY nicks, cuts, razor bumps, and a much smoother shave than I’m used to! (In all honesty, I had gotten so accustomed to my Billie +blades, I really used them haphazardly, even on dry skin because I had zero fears of getting nicked or cut 🙈- bad habits, I know, but what can I say, dull is dull)

woman holding a Harry's razor and box with shaving cream on her leg and a heart drawn in the shaving cream

Across the board, our readers agree that Harry’s razors are among the best…

I have been using Harry’s for three years now and have been very happy with the quality and not having to think about buying shaving stuff. This is a perfect starter for someone, as they will thank you for years for introducing them to the brand. The blades last long and I like how there is a blade at the top so when I want to get underneath my nose I can just turn the shaver around and get the small little hairs.

I borrowed my husband’s Harry’s razor years ago and couldn’t believe how much better it contoured my legs and so such a smoother finish than my Venus razor. I jumped on his current subscription (we didn’t even have to adjust it). I purchased my own handle and we share his $15 every 3-month subscription for razors. So much cheaper 🙌

These are definitely some of the best razors I have used as a woman!

My husband loves these razors the best, and we’ve saved a ton over the years vs. the Gillette ones he used previously. I’d encourage anyone to give them a try!

Harry's shave gel and razor in a bathtub.

Things to remember…

Note that when you place your order, you will be signing up for a subscription, but you can easily modify or cancel your plan before your next shipment if you’re not interested in continuing.

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