BREAKING: IDF Commandos SEIZE Hamas Weapons Stockpile, CAPTURE Al-Shati Stronghold


As we reach the culmination of the 38th day in the Gaza-Israel conflict, I am Pinto, reporting from Israel. The relentless clashes persist as IDF forces, in conjunction with the Nahal Brigade and specialized Commando units, successfully seized control of the Shatti refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. This camp, a stronghold for Hamas, harbors approximately 4,000 Hamas terrorists, many of whom actively participated in the devastating attacks on Israeli civilians surrounding the Gaza Strip on the 7th of October.

The Nahal and Commando units have demonstrated remarkable efficacy, identifying and neutralizing over 160 terror tunnels and dismantling 2,800 Hamas infrastructure elements in the Shatti area of the Gaza Strip. Notably, the IDF has secured control over key Hamas positions, including its Elite 17 Force and the Rantisi Hospital. The hospital, previously exploited by Hamas as a major command center, weapons repository, and a hideout for Israeli hostages, was a focal point in the operation.

Division 401, comprising tanks and infantry units, spearheaded the assault on the Shatti area. Simultaneously, additional IDF forces joined from the north, eradicating terror cells in the suburbs surrounding Shatti. The IDF’s vigilant efforts identified and neutralized multiple missile launchers responsible for targeting civilian-populated areas in Israel, including Tel Aviv and other central cities.

Numerous captured Hamas terrorists are now subject to investigation in Israel, offering hope for insights into the whereabouts of Israeli hostages within the Gaza Strip. Concurrently, in the northern sector of the Shatti refugee camp, infantry units executed operations targeting the Hamas leadership before their evacuation southward alongside the civilian population.

The IDF’s campaign extends to destroying Hamas’s terror infrastructure, meticulously developed over nearly two decades in preparation for this protracted conflict. As the fighting persists, the IDF remains poised to unveil further revelations and surprises from Hamas’s arsenal. In these trying times, I implore all to join in prayer for the peace of Israel and for the IDF’s successful release of the Israeli hostages.

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