Former Hamas Insider Exposes Shocking Truth: ‘Hamas Opened Up The Gates Of Hell’ | Mosab Hassan Yousef Interview


In this exclusive interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a co-founder of Hamas, we delve into the shocking revelations about the true goals of Hamas and the dire consequences of their actions. Yousef shares insights into Hamas’s founding principles and their relentless pursuit of annihilating Israel. Having been part of the organization, Yousef describes the turning point that led him to break away, highlighting the brutality and abuse of power within Hamas.

The interview covers Yousef’s reaction to the recent large-scale attack by Hamas, expressing surprise at the extent of their actions and the risks posed to Palestinian lives. He passionately calls for the urgent removal of Hamas from power, condemning their destructive ideology as emanating from the “pit of Hell.”

Yousef discusses the potential for peace and the role of war as a means to achieve it, asserting that removing Hamas is crucial to prevent even deadlier conflicts in the future. He challenges common narratives, arguing that blaming Israel alone for civilian casualties oversimplifies a complex situation and points out the manipulation of Palestinian suffering by certain groups.

The conversation delves into the question of whether the current Israeli strategy of airstrikes and a possible ground invasion is the best approach to eliminate Hamas. Yousef remains resolute, promising that Hamas will be removed from power, and he issues a stern warning to those supporting the group, emphasizing the regret they will face.

This interview provides a unique perspective on the Israel-Hamas conflict, offering a firsthand account from someone who intimately understands the inner workings of Hamas and advocates for a new path toward peace in the region.

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