Israeli Forces Destroy ‘Biggest Terror Base Ever Built’ in Gaza | CBN NewsWatch Update


In this CBN NewsWatch update on November 8, 2023, join host Efrem Graham as he covers the latest developments in the Israeli military operation in Gaza City. Israeli forces are advancing, targeting what the defense minister deems the largest terrorist location ever constructed. The city, described as a vast terror base, harbors extensive underground tunnels connected to hospitals, schools, and various facilities.

President Joe Biden appeals to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a three-day ceasefire, while Netanyahu insists on a pause only if accompanied by the return of hostages. The IDF has successfully located and destroyed tunnels, exposing Hamas’s tactic of using civilian infrastructure as human shields.

The video also discusses the political dynamics, with the House passing a $14 billion bipartisan aid package for Israel, facing Senate resistance. Additionally, U.S. Jewish groups plan a significant march for Israel on November 14th, highlighting the complex international support and challenges Israel faces.

Stay tuned for in-depth insights from CBN News correspondent Chris Mitchell, who reports directly from Jerusalem, providing context on why the Israeli defense minister labels Gaza City as the biggest terror base globally and the intricate challenges faced by Israeli forces.

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