The Garage Podcast: Identifying Retailer Assets


Introducing The Garage: Tools for Retail Media Innovation, a podcast hosted by Evan Hovorka, vice president of product and innovation, and Dan Massimino, director of marketing and communication, from Albertsons Media Collective. The Garage dives into the why, how and “who cares” of retail media innovation.

Inspired by Hovorka’s home garage where many ad-tech innovations were born, the podcast will explore what lies ahead for this exciting industry. And true to The Garage’s mindset of building better together, the hosts weave a common thread of collaborative innovation throughout conversations.

In the inaugural episode, Ben Sylvan, vp of data partnerships at The Trade Desk, discusses how diversity is a key ingredient for inspiration and innovation, as well as the need for complementary skill sets to drive creativity and problem-solving.

Hovorka adds that humility and collaboration are crucial, especially in a rapidly evolving industry. The two companies reveal how their partnership aims to create innovative solutions for advertisers through a shared vision for privacy-safe, customer-centric advertising.

In Episode 2, our hosts sit down with Anne Martin, director of shopper marketing, and Steve McGowan, regional vp of omnishopper activation and strategic partnerships at Mondelēz International, to discuss the evolution of retail media networks and the assets retailers need as they launch their networks.

During the conversation, the group emphasizes the importance of personalization and leveraging data and insights. They also talk about adapting legacy tactics and channels to meet changing shopper behaviors, and aligning the objectives of the retailer, merchandise and marketing teams to improve overall strategy and better connect with shoppers.

Stream the first two episodes below, listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or find them on Spotify.

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