Will Electric Cars Ever Take Over the Road?


Electric vehicles now represent 8% of new auto sales in the United States. That may not sound like much, but there’s good reason to believe change is coming down the road.

Figures from data analytics firm YouGov, which surveyed more than 2,300 Americans, show the majority of vehicle owners aged 18-34 are likely to consider buying or leasing an electric car when next in market for a new set of wheels. Only 1 in 5 U.S. adults aged 55 or older said the same.

Interest in getting either a plug-in or standard hybrid is also higher among younger consumers when compared with older generations.

The top reason vehicle owners give for going electric next time around is that it’s good for the environment. Saving money is another significant factor.

At the same time, those opposed to acquiring an electric vehicle said the upfront cost was a notable roadblock. An inability to drive as far as conventional cars and lack of charging stations also contribute to their decision to stick with gasoline.

Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed plans that could lead to electric vehicles accounting for two-thirds of new car sales by 2032. The public isn’t aligned with this timeline: Just 15% of Americans believe the majority of the nation’s vehicles will be electric by 2030. A larger percentage (21%) think this will never happen.

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